Announcing: The Mouse And The Bean

Welcome to the blog for The Mouse And The Bean, the exciting new children's tale about a little grey mouse who finds a magic bean. I first wrote the story in 2004 as a birthday present for my wife. We had been on vacation in Vancouver the previous summer and had seen a restaurant whose name we thought would make a good title for a children's book. I wrote the story and then printed it with my computer and hand-bound it into a hardcover book, complete with bad illustrations.

Years later I heard about micro-publishers, and decided that the time had come to properly finish the project I had started so long ago. I enlisted the help of a friend, LeBinh Beattie, to illustrate the new version. The book is now complete and available for purchase on lulu.com. Click here to buy a copy.

Stay tuned to this blog to find out more about the writing, design, and publishing process as well as any news regarding upcoming book-related events.

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